STE Working Groups

What are STE Working Groups?

STE national and multi-national Working Groups (STEWG) are coordinated by national representatives of the STEMG. They include members and associate members of the STEMG, as well as representatives from companies or organizations that are involved in technical communication, such as airlines, military or governmental organizations, academic institutions, individual STE experts, and software companies that support STE. The STEWGs have the purpose of providing input and contribution for the continuous improvement of the ASD-STE100 specification.

Each group has a balance of engineering and linguistic expertise. Members belong to a wide range of industries and sectors, and they are well-versed in the contents of the STE specification. Multi-national Working Groups also have an STE Ambassador for each country.

Mission of the STE Working Groups

- Support the activities of the national representatives and associate members of the STEMG
- Express a national position on STE matters,
- Process change forms to the STE specification on a national basis
- Provide advice and recommendations to STE users in the region
- Promote STE through cooperation on national events
- Contribute to the protection of the integrity of the STE specification
- Report current activities to the STEMG.


Coordinator: Ciaran Dodd

Working Group for the United Kingdom.


Coordinators: Daniela Zambrini and  Orlando Chiarello

Working Group for Italy.


Coordinator: Melina Ruiz Arias

Working Group for Spanish-speaking Countries.
STE Ambassadors: Spain, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay.


Coordinators: Sophie Beaumont and Alexandra Grave

Working Group for French-speaking Countries.


Coordinator: Jennifer Bennor

Working Group for German-speaking Countries.
STE Ambassadors: Austria, Switzerland.

If you would like to share your expertise in STE and contribute to an STE Working Group, please contact the STEMG Chairperson and the applicable STE Working Group Coordinator.

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