Specification request

ISSUE 8, APRIL 30, 2021

Get a free copy of the current issue of the ASD-STE100 Specification

To get a copy of the current issue of STE, do these steps:
- Click below to download the request form
- Complete the request form
- Send the request form to the STEMG stemg@asd-ste100.org

Change Form

STE is a living language and needs feedback from the users to improve it on a continuous basis.

Please download and use a change form to write your change request or recommendation.

If there is an STE national representative in your country, please submit the request to that person. The address of your representative is on the STEMG page.
If no representative is available, please send the Change Form to the STEMG (info@asd-ste100.org).

The STEMG has records of all change forms produced and their assessments.
The change forms are discussed within the STEMG and the agreed changes are included in the next issue of the specification.
The originators of the change forms are usually notified of the related STEMG assessments and decisions.

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