ASD and the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO signed the MoU for ASD-STE100 certified training

On November 26, 2013, at ASD Headquarters in Rue Montoyer 10, Brussels, ASD and the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO signed the Memorandum of Understanding by means of which UNINETTUNO becomes the only board accredited by ASD for the organization, delivery and issuing of the specific ASD-STE100 (STE) certification for training.

The training activities will be organized by UNINETTUNO on the distance mode and delivered worldwide by means of the UNINETTUNO educational portal by applying the e-learning distance teaching psycho-pedagogic model, realized by Prof. Maria Amata Garito, President and Rector of UNINETTUNO. This will consist of a specific program, which includes video-lessons, online exercises, virtual classrooms and exams, provided by video professors and tutors. At the end of this educational path, UNINETTUNO and ASD will deliver a joint official certificate.

The training will be mainly addressed to individuals who, as authors, writers and reviewers, wish to understand the basic principles of STE and use STE in their professional life.

It must be said that this initiative does not have the purpose of forbidding other forms of traditional classroom, face-to-face, STE training, nor interfering with the free market. UNINETTUNO will be able to certify – by means of deeper and severe training sessions and exams – also the trainers, who, usually through their specific companies or organizations, desire to become authorized STE trainers and deliver in turn certified STE training on commercial basis.

This agreement finally clarifies the matter of authorized training and the proliferation of confusing non-authorized trainers, who are instead claiming ASD compliances and authorizations which in fact they do not have.

2017 SESSIONS of web-based STE COURSES at UNINETTUNO University

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