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Why training is necessary

Why training is necessary

The primary objective of STE is the creation of simplified texts for the readers. However, STE is not a simplified version of English for the writers. Writing correctly in STE is not an easy task as it requires a good command of the English language together with a good knowledge of the subject that the author is writing about. This combination is without a doubt the key to writing successfully in STE. Authors who want to write proficiently and correctly in STE must have as the only point of reference the Specification itself. There is nothing that can replace it.

Without training, authors tend to focus simply on the Dictionary and not on the Writing Rules, which are equally important. Simply giving authors a copy of the Specification is probably the best way to discourage them from learning about STE, and applying it correctly. It is important for authors to fully understand the STE rules, and to think about what they are writing. Therefore, STE training is the first essential step for a technical author to be able to apply STE correctly.

To assist users and potential users of STE, there are commercial companies or organizations that market and give training courses in the use of STE. These efforts are greatly appreciated by ASD and the STEMG. However, neither ASD and the STEMG, nor any organization associated with the production of ASD-STE100 intend or imply any warranty or endorsement of any of the companies or organizations that provide training.

On November 26, 2013, ASD and the International University UNINETTUNO signed the Memorandum of Understanding by means of which UNINETTUNO becomes the only board accredited by ASD for the organization, delivery and issuing of the specific ASD-STE100 (STE) certification for training.

Only the members of the STEMG (who actually do work on the Specification at no cost), through their companies, can give authorized STE Training which is equal to the one provided by UNINETTUNO.

The agreement between ASD and UNINETTUNO successfully concludes a long discussion about training accreditation and reaches the purpose of involving an internationally recognized university in the process of providing STE certifications on behalf of ASD.

This agreement finally clarifies the matter of authorized training and the proliferation of confusing non-authorized trainers, who are instead claiming ASD compliances and authorizations which in fact they do not have.

It is very important that you are well informed about the fact that other trainers around the world are not authorized and cannot use in their training material or documentation the ASD Logo, the Copyright and the European Community Trademark of ASD-STE100, all protected by the Trademark, even for publicity on web sites.

The STEMG strongly recommends that you do not attend STE training courses which are given by companies or individuals who have no experience whatsoever with the specification, who are not linked to the STEMG and have not received an initial training by a member of the STEMG. These companies or individuals may be professionally competent in language services and other controlled languages but not necessarily in ASD-STE100.

STE training courses

The STEMG strongly recommends to contact a STEMG member or the International Telematic Univeristy UNINETTUNO for STE Training.

However, if you do not intend to use a STEMG member or UNINETTUNO, before you plan an STE course, think of the following:

How many trainees will attend the course?

Training sessions with large numbers of trainees will mean less time available to interact with the STE instructor and do the exercises.

What level of English language does the trainee have?

It is important that the trainee has a good command of the English language. Although a part of the STE course covers Basic English grammar, it will not help the trainee who has little or no knowledge of the English language.

What type of documentation does the trainee produce?

The STE instructor should be able to customize the STE course to suit the type of documentation that the trainee is involved with. This could mean that the trainee has to supply material for use during the course.

Does the trainee have some STE experience already?

If so, maybe a STE refresher course is the answer. However, the STE writing rules and dictionary are under continuous development. Therefore, it is probably worthwhile for the trainee who has not been regularly writing in STE, or who has not had refresher training for a long time, to consider the full STE course.

Looking for an STE instructor

The first person you should contact is your National STE Coordinator or the Chair of the STEMG. Many of the STEMG members can offer STE training courses. If they do not hold courses themselves, they will be able to recommend an instructor to you.

Apart from UNINETTUNO, there is no other recognized ASD accreditation for STE instructors. This of course can lead to persons, with no real STE training or experience, claiming to be a STE instructors. To help you find the right STE instructor, ask the following questions:

Does your national coordinator know of the STE instructor?

Has the STE instructor experience in your industry?

Has he/she experience with writing in STE?

Who was the instructor trained by?

Ideally, he/she should have been trained by a member of the STEMG or got a formal accreditation through UNINETTUNO.

How long has the instructor been involved with STE ?

Does he/she have references from aerospace or specific industry companies?

Does the instructor use standard text for the STE exercises, or is the instructor willing to use some of the text that the trainee has produced?


Only the members of the STEMG (who actually do work on the Specification at no cost), through their companies, can give authorized STE Training which is equal to the one provided by UNINETTUNO


UNINETTUNO offers certified e-learning traning on STE